Outcomes That Matter

A New Solution to a Consistent Challenge

Outcome measurement has become a requirement for child, youth and family service providers throughout the world with service providers increasingly required to demonstrate accountability and achieve outcomes associated with personal resilience, as well as addressing funding and policy targets.

With OTM the Solution is here.

To date few attempts have been made to systematically monitor and report on developmental outcomes that children and young people achieve during their stays in out-of-home care.

Outcomes that Matter©, also referred to as OTM, is a new and innovative web-based solution providing real time and confidential recording by carers of observations and commentary specific to
each individual child or young person.

Developed by Leon Fulcher, PhD of New Zealand with Thom Garfat, PhD of Canada, Outcomes that Matter is closely aligned with the values and principles of the Purposeful Use of Daily Life Events
training and foundation principles which underpin a contemporary Child and Youth Care approach and European traditions of Social Pedagogy

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